We are a global capital markets communications firm serving a broad mix of private and public institutions. We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their relationships with existing and prospective investors.


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With more than 20+ years in business, we’ve built a uniquely capable ecosystem to execute investor engagement strategies.


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With more than 20+ years in business, we’ve built a uniquely capable ecosystem to execute investor engagement strategies.


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Our consultants include sell-side analysts, investor relations professionals, investment bankers, financial PR experts, business journalists, brand and digital specialists. They join Dickenson for the opportunity to apply their talents to complex, important communication assignments.


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With more than 20+ years in business, we’ve built a uniquely capable ecosystem to execute investor engagement strategies.

6 Facts about Dickenson World

We offer integrated solutions for meaningful outcomes

We amalgamate investor relations, corporate communications, financial PR, digital strategies, corporate reporting and ESG communications to deliver holistic reputation enhancing solutions.

We serve clients efficiently from multi global operations

With talent across multiple time zones and continents, we deliver our services efficiently and cost-effectively, giving our clients a great return on their investments.

We possess
multi-specialisms to meaningfully assist CFOs & IROs

They can depend on Dickenson to give advice that considers the perspectives of multiple stakeholder categories.

We believe in strong analytics for designing smart strategies

We believe that the intelligence we gather on our clients’ peers and their investors, give us an edge in designing meaningful perception shaping and investor engagement plans.

We protect our clients’ reputation in an increasingly digital world

We believe in taking an omni channel approach (media, digital and social) to ensure congruity in communication strategies.

We believe in leveraging valuable feedback from market participants

We take continuous investor feedback to help shape strategies and messaging.

Started in 2000

Our roots began in working with fast growing mid-cap companies for elevating their brand and collaterals.


Our first
Annual Report2006

We entered the intriguing world of corporate reporting, combining our strong skills in branding and corporate positioning, fundamentally shifting how Annual Reports communicated with stakeholders.


Acquired a boutique
IR firm2010

One of the most critical influences on a company’s investment rating is how information is communicated to the investor community. From advising clients on their reporting, we stepped up our game to advising them on how to engage with existing investors and solicit new ones. This marked our entry into a highly differentiated Investor Relations practice, now a key pillar of our overall offering.


Expanded Digital Practice 2016

Dickenson begins to offer a full suite of digital solutions, from corporate websites, IR dedicated micro-sites, Annual Report micro-sites - to CRM automation and email marketing strategies.


Began our Financial PR Practice2017

To complement a highly institutional driven Investor Relations practice, we established and launched a Financial PR practice that brought a distinct service offering that helped our clients for the corporate reputation and retail investor visibility.


turn-key solutions for Integrated and Sustainability reporting2018

With sustainability reporting becoming main-stage,  Dickenson launched its end-to-end advisory and execution practice for producing integrated, sustainability and ESG reports.


Ushered in Sponsored Research from Hardman & Co.2019

We alliance ourselves with UK’s leading independent research coverage house for offering sponsored coverage services to the Middle East and South Asian markets.


ESG advisory practice 2020

Dickenson launched a differentiated and strategic ESG advisory service for clearly outlining all stakeholders, their perspectives and relative importance; for identifying and applying industry ESG best practices in a cost-effective approach; and for establishing team-based action plans for each ESG Initiative.